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Apprentice to Node.js & AWS Developer

Rohan's story

Rohan's story

I was extremely happy with the education and support I got from the staff at Northcoders.

The level of education was very high whilst the support given after graduating has been fantastic, too!

October 2016

Throughout the course I had help regarding improving my CV and how to be more employable to employers after I finish the course. Just a few months before I started the course I was made redundant by my apprenticeship which had closed down and I didn't know what to do, only that I wanted a job as a junior developer.

The staff at Northcoders took me in and trained me up and I am now employed as a junior developer! You meet some great people on the course while also learning loads about real world practices that are used in the industry, which help you when you graduate as well as Javascript of course!.

The tutors are so helpful in teaching and also support during the sprints where you might get a bit stuck, meaning that you can always ask them if you get stuck or have any questions about anything!

I also found the atmosphere to be really positive and you know that everyone there is dedicated to educating and finding you a job when you finish!

If you're looking for a career in software development and are in a similar position to me before I started, then I definitely recommend attending the Accelerate course. The Ignite course is also a good introduction which I attended to help me learn the fundamentals of the Javascript language for the course, so I would recommend that too!