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Barista to C# Software Engineer

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"A year ago I was serving hot paninis, cappuccinos and broken Biscotti to hungover students at my local University. Now I’m handling websites for clients, building applications and loving Visual Studio.

From serving hot paninis, cappuccinos and broken Biscotti to hungover students to building applications and loving Visual Studio

October 2017

I, like many of my generation, went to university for a laugh and because it was the ‘thing to do’. I left with handful of peanuts (a Sociology degree), a huge debt and no real career direction. Then I disappeared into travel and decided I would sort this ‘when I got back’.

I got back. I still had no idea. I toyed with ideas of moving to a new city, master degrees, college courses, of course the inevitable - moving to London, master degrees in London, college courses in London, moving abroad... And then I stumbled on Northcoders (Well my girlfriend did - and she bangs on about it all the time!). I had already been playing around with HTML and CSS, and a developer friend tipped me off that JavaScript was the ‘big thing’ at the moment, so I decided to take a leap of faith...

And the gamble paid off big time! The course was thorough, in depth and moved at a pace that kept me on the edge of my seat. I learnt so much and the teaching was so clear that I still go back to the notes I made- months after I left! And now I have a great job as a software developer in the centre of Manchester.

I highly recommend Northcoders for a quick way to gain a new skill and change your career. Although unexpected side-effects do include - a sudden interest in hardware, unwanted messages from recruiters on linkedin and casual discussions about IDE’s (although I’ll never succumb to wearing nerdy t-shirts - I saw someone wearing a f* GitHub hoodie the other day!).

The only problem now is the bewildered look on clients faces when I mention anything ‘too techie’! Many congratulations on the great course Northcoders. You have my blessing!"