<Is it time that you learned to code? />

<The North needs more people
who can code. />

<The North needs more
people who can code. />

<The North needs more people
who can code. />

Anyone, from any background, can learn to code.

You don't need a computer science degree or a special qualification. What you need is a solid grounding in the latest technologies - skills employers actually need.

We offer courses for anyone interested in learning whether coding is for them - and for those looking to kick-start their career. Our Bootcamp curriculum is updated continuously in line with what businesses in the North tell us that they need.

And we'll provide one-to-one, tailored, in-house career support for our Bootcamp students to ensure you find work as a developer with clients in our large Hiring Partner Network.

So it's no surprise that 93% of our graduates
are now working as software developers.

Our courses include:

> Introduction to Programming

> Full-Time Coding Bootcamp - 12 week intensive bootcamp

> Part-Time Coding Bootcamp - 24 week flexible bootcamp

But we're not just a coding bootcamp - we are a community. It's at the heart of what it means to be a Northcoder.

Ask any of our students or graduates, and they'll tell you the support they get from each other is one of the greatest things about being a Northcoder.

Get started now.

<Northcoders is not our brand. Northcoders are our brand. />