I joined Northcoders on their first cohort in April 2016. I was working in libraries and had been coding a bit as a hobby for a while and looking for a career change. I learned so much in 3 months, probably more than I did in 3 years of uni, and I loved every minute of it.

It was a big decision to leave a career I was making headway in but essentially unhappy in but it was totally worth it. After graduating I was ready to get a job in the industry but decided to take an internal position with Northcoders, which is great because I never wanted the experience to end.. and now it kind of doesn’t have to!!

As for the course itself, it was challenging, exciting and intensive, as advertised, and it was great to be surrounded by smart, interesting and enthusiastic people every day. It was so unlike any other educational experience I have had - it’s so hands-on and practical, and so immersive that you live, breathe and dream code for 12 weeks.