The first day of the course we were greeted by an opening lecture from one of the founder’s James. There was a sentence he said then, which to me, summed up the entire experience;
“Northcoders is not about how you rank against your fellow student but of how you rank against yourself at the start of the course to the end of the course”. This to me was the Northcoders experience. It is a personal journey of learning, with the tutors, colleagues and classroom atmosphere providing the setting to get the best out of yourself.

My main take from Northcoders was they gave me the confidence to push myself and achieve more than I expected in my personal development as a software developer. They provide you with the skills to learn, which can be applied to any coding situation whether it is taught on the course or not.

On receiving a technical test in Java, which was not taught on the course, when I took it, Northcoders directed me towards resources which I used to learn the language for the test. After passing the test and receiving an interview I was sent further resources to improve my grasp of the language and prepare myself for the technical interview. In 5 months I went from never writing a line of code to receiving a job offer, which I would have haven’t been able to find without them.