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Helping women and those belonging to gender minorities access tech careers by offering interest free tuition payments which you only start paying back when you succeed

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Diversity and Inclusion: Our Commitment

Women and gender minorities are underrepresented in the tech industry, making up less than a quarter of the workforce. Northcoders is committed to changing this, and so are the companies we work with, which is why we’ve launched an initiative to offer interest-free tuition help people from these underrepresented groups kick-start careers in tech.

How it Works

What is this initiative?

As part of our Developing Diversity programme, we have launched an initiative to offer interest-free tuition support to women and gender minorities. It will allow recipients to pay back the cost of attending our coding bootcamps only once they have graduated and have started earning. While repayment may be linked to inflation, there’s zero interest.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for this initiative, you must:
> identify as a woman or belong to a gender minority, including non-binary, transgender and intersex.
> have earned less than £21,000 in the last tax year. We will ask an FCA-authorised and regulated third party to verify your income.
> live in the North of England. We define this as living in the North West, North East, Yorkshire and the Humber or Lincolnshire. We will ask you to prove your address.
> demonstrate your commitment to learning to code and finding work as a software developer in the North of England.

Why are you offering this initiative?

Diversity and inclusion are a big part of who we are. At a time when technology defines what it means to be human, it’s crucial that we ensure that our future is built by people from all walks of life and that people from all walks of life have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Do I need to have relevant experience or qualifications?

No! Your interest in kick-starting a career in tech is the most important thing. We will show you how to progress your knowledge after you apply.

How can I be considered?

You will need to apply using the form below.

How do you decide who will be offered the initiative?

Your initial application, learning trajectory and performance at your Entry Challenge will be considered.

Will I be able to choose which date I start the course on?

You can indicate a preferred start date when you apply. If necessary, we may bring forward or defer your start date.

How quickly will I have to make repayments?

You'll pay your tuition fees via income-contingent payments, which means it will depend on how much you earn. While repayment may be linked to inflation, you won't need to pay interest.

The Application Process

Apply for
the Programme

Deadline: 20th June

Submit your application by completing the form below. We'll then email you some basic coding materials to help you prepare for the next step – the Northcoders Entry Challenge.

Get Started

20 hours

We'll send you some coding exercises to help you get started - and if coding is really for you, you should find these fun!

Northcoders Entry Challenge

Deadline: 25th July

To progress to the next stage, you'll need to pass the Northcoders Entry Challenge. The Entry Challenge will test your knowledge of the coding materials we emailed you. We suggest setting aside 20 hours to complete the preparation materials.

on board!

Start: August-October

Next, we need to decide whom to offer the Northcoders Gender Parity Programme to. If you're offered the programme and decide to accept, we'll support you every step of the way through our Precourse to give you a great grounding for your first day.


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