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Follow our full coding bootcamp curriculum online in a 14-week special edition

Purpose-built for remote learning

This course is designed to teach you all of the skills you need to become a software developer – without leaving your home.

We're so confident you'll love learning to code with us that if, after your the Introduction Week (which costs £600), you don’t want to continue onto the full bootcamp, we’ll refund your entire £6600 13-week bootcamp fee, no questions asked.

Learning to code with us

Support from the day you apply

We'll help you get started with code for free, and give you access to unique content to help you navigate your first few weeks.

You'll be invited to laid-back, in-person support sessions to help you master the basics and secure your place at Northcoders. These are the perfect way to get a feel for life on a coding bootcamp and make sure it's right for you.

You'll also have access to our online support network with tutors on hand to answer your questions.

Introduction Week (1 Week)

JavaScript is the language of the web. We'll begin by helping you build your confidence with it, laying the foundations for you to be able to handle data and create interactivity on websites and apps. We'll also provide you with resources to help you build your HTML and CSS skills.

Introduction Week costs £600. If you don’t want to continue onto the full bootcamp afterwards, we’ll refund the rest of your 13-week bootcamp fee, no questions asked.

Fundamentals (3 Weeks)

First things first. We’ll give you a solid understanding of the fundamentals and best practices of programming. We'll cover test-driven development, pair programming, object-oriented programming and a range of other core tools and workplace practices through the medium of JavaScript.

Back End (3 Weeks)

JavaScript is the only language that can be run both on the front and back end. Next, we show you how we can use Node.js to run code for the back end, and focus on ways of dealing with asynchronous programming. We'll look at APIs and databases, and cover Express and SQL. We’ll also work with some pretty cool third-party data sets and APIs, and help you deploy applications to the cloud!

Self-Guided Week (1 Week)

We've inserted a one-off extra week for this remote special edition. This will give you extra breathing space to build your portfolio, explore concepts more deeply and practice what you've learned – and manage that life admin!

Front End (3 Weeks)

It's front end next - you'll learn all about the DOM and how to make accessible websites with semantic HTML and responsive CSS, and we'll introduce you to UX. React is the most in-demand front-end framework. We'll teach you to use it in-depth - but we don't stop there. We'll introduce you to its key peripheral technologies, and teach you all about testing front-end applications.

Project Phase (3 Weeks)

There's no better way to consolidate and extend your knowledge, and prove what you can do, than to get hands on with a real, green-field team project. With previous groups exploring Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, image recognition and blockchain (to name a few!); what you create is limited by your imagination. Curious as to what our previous graduates have created? Click here!

Finding you work

We go beyond career support.

Throughout our courses and beyond, you'll receive CV workshops, industry insight sessions, interview advice and 1-to-1 job-matching sessions. All focussed around a job you'll love.

Our in-house Career Development Experts have your back.

How does learning online with us work?

Ask anybody who has learned to code with us, and they'll tell you there's something special about the Northcoders community. So we've taken everything that's amazing about the in-person learning experience, and taken it online – community-first.

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Building a portfolio

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Getting support

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"Remote delivery works seamlessly! The community is fantastic and getting help is super easy. Tutors respond using voice calls, video chat or code liveshare, so it's as if we were together on campus."

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