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Fully-funded scholarships for underrepresented groups and those who face barriers to entry

Diversity and Inclusion: Our Commitment

Diversity and inclusion are a big part of who we are. At a time where technology will define what it means to be human, it’s crucial that we ensure that our future is built by people from all walks of life, and that people from all walks of life have the opportunity to be a part of it.

The #WomenInTech Scholarship

What is the #WomenInTech Scholarship?

The #WomenInTech Scholarship is awarded to women who are passionate about pursuing a career in tech, can demonstrate genuine need for the scholarship and who face barriers of any kind in entering the tech industry. The scholarship is for a fully-funded place on The Developer Pathway.

Why do you offer this scholarship?

Less than a quarter of the British tech workforce is comprised of women. But businesses are committed to changing that - and so are we.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:
> identify as a woman
> be able to demonstrate your genuine need for the scholarship. This includes showing why you cannot afford the course or to upskill without the scholarship, and showing the gravity of the impact The Developer Pathway would have on your life
> want to train and find work as a Software Developer in the North of England
> demonstrate exceptional commitment to learning to code throughout the application process

Do I need to have relevant experience or qualifications?

No! However, we would encourage you to have a go at coding before you apply. Your interest in kickstarting a career in tech is the most important thing. We will show you how to progress your knowledge after you apply.

How can I be considered?

You will need to make a separate application using the form here. You don't need to make an application to The Developer Pathway.

What is the application process?

As our scholarship awards are highly competitive, the application process is more demanding than the standard application process, and we will expect you to work independently.
> After applying, we will send you some preparation materials to work through.
> You will need to set aside 20-40 hours to work through these materials depending on your present level of experience.
> Once you have completed these, you will be eligible to book your Scholarship Interview.
> You will then attend a Scholarship Interview with a Northcoders tutor. The main feature will be the Entry Challenge.

How do you decide who receives a scholarship?

Your initial application, genuine need for the scholarship, learning trajectory and performance at your Entry Challenge will be considered.

Will I be able to choose which date I start the course on?

You can indicate a preferred start date when you apply. However we might move forward or defer your start date.

How many Northcoders Scholarships are available?

We don't cap the number of scholarships available, but award them on merit. We are incredibly grateful to Ernst and Young for sponsoring 10 further places in 2017, and to ThoughtWorks for sponsoring a further 4 places in 2018. If any further scholarships become available we will update this page.

The Community Scholarship

Everyone should have access to this creative, fulfilling and rewarding career. Our fully-funded Community Scholarship is designed for individuals facing difficulties or barriers of any kind, including but not limited to financial barriers or belonging to an under-represented group in tech.


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How can we refer an individual?

You need to be a Northcoders partner to refer an individual.

Interested in partnering?

If you work with individuals who may be facing barriers in breaking into the tech industry and may benefit from our Community Scholarships, please get in touch for more information and to talk about how we can help.


Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you need to be referred to us by one of our partnering organisations and demonstrate your commitment to building a career as a software developer in the North of England. To date we have awarded scholarships to refugees, individuals who have experienced severe personal adversity, and BAME students.

How can I be considered?

To be considered, you need to be referred to us directly by one of the organisations we work with. You do not need to make a direct application to Northcoders. It is not possibly to apply directly for this scholarship.

How are scholarships allocated?

Where we have more applications than available scholarships, we allocate the scholarships based on merit. Your learning trajectory and performance at your first interview will be considered as part of this.

When will scholarship allocation be decided?

We decide who to award scholarships to once interviews finish for the cohort you have applied for. This is usually 5 weeks before the cohort begins.

Want to know more?

We interviewed our recent community scholar, Aaron Omotosho, to get an insight into how the scholarship has helped him shape his future. Read our full blog to find out more about Aaron's story.


Scholarships awarded to date!

What our Scholars Say...

Coding Bootcamp Scholarship

<Jo />

"The scholarship meant that I could pursue something I really love"

Women In Tech Scholarship at Manchester Code School

<Hibo />

"I left Northcoders, not only aspiring to be a software engineer, but with a goal to help other women and people like myself who would normally face barriers getting into the tech industry."

#WomenInTech Scholarships at Coding Bootcamp for the North

<Kavita />

"A huge thank you to Northcoders and EY for helping me change my life for the better."

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