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4 ways we support learners at Northcoders

Coding bootcamp students with tutorPreview: Coding bootcamp students with tutor

At Northcoders, we prioritise the learning experience of our students and one way we do this is the support of our wellbeing team. We’ve looked at 4 ways we support students while they are learning on the bootcamp. 

1-1s & Wellbeing Check-ins

One of the main ways we support learners at Northcoders is through 1-1 conversations. Here, we explore what their challenges are, if there’s anything already in place that helps them, and discuss different ideas we can implement to further support. We also check-in with learners who are accessing our support throughout the week, to keep an open space available for them to talk through how they are feeling. Even though learners can contact us anytime during course hours, check-ins are a good reminder that there is a safe place they can share.

We always take an individualised approach, with no need for a formal diagnosis

We know that one size will never fit all in regards to support, and so the most important thing to us is ensuring we individualise any support for our learners. We also reinforce that we do not need you to have a diagnosis to access support from ourselves, as we are aware how inaccessible the referral processes can be. Anybody can reach out to us, regardless of what their challenges may be. 

Support with accessing external support services

We understand that mental health doesn’t just impact us during the hours of 8.30-5, so it is important for us to help learners with accessing external services that can be available to them once the course day has finished. We do this through our support-services and support-with documents, which our learners have access to throughout their whole time studying at Northcoders. Support-services provides a list of services available to adults to support a wide range of things, including mental health, addiction, bereavement, and lots more. Support-with looks at low level tips and support around more specific areas of needs, such as low mood, ADHD or imposter syndrome.

We also help learners with finding support in their local areas, one example being support groups like Andy’s Mans Club. We hope to help learners find the resources that are accessible and work around their lives, meaning they can get the support they need at a time that works for them and their lives. 

Working alongside our teams: Support, staff training and safeguarding procedures 

Our approach to support will always be holistic, which means working closely with the teams around our students at all stages of their journey. The first stage being Onboarding when learners are moving through the application process, then the Classroom team whilst studying with us, and finally, our Careers team when learners are looking for their next role.

We also make sure all staff at Northcoders have safeguarding training - the more people who are aware of signs to look out for, the better! With Wellbeing & Safeguarding being such a small team within Northcoders, it is important that we can reach out to learners from team referrals, and put the most aligned support in place for them. 

If you want to find out about how you can support yourself on the bootcamp, find out more here.