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Leveraging the Benefits of Hiring Career Changers in Tech

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In the fast-paced world of tech, finding the right talent can be challenging. However, there's a hidden gem that often goes unnoticed – career changers. Here are six reasons why hiring career changers, especially Northcoders graduates, can be a game-changer for your tech company:

1. Passion and Commitment

Enrolling in a coding bootcamp like Northcoders requires passion and dedication. Northcoders graduates have shown their love for coding by investing time and effort into acquiring new skills and dedicating themselves to completing a 13 week full-time bootcamp. 

2. Fresh Ideas

With backgrounds outside of tech, career changers bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to problem-solving, fostering creativity and driving innovation. They may be able to spot different solutions to those who have come straight from a traditional background like university. 

3. Diversity

Northcoders embraces individuals from various backgrounds, promoting diversity in the workplace. Hiring career changers enriches your team with different experiences, cultures, and viewpoints.

4. Addressing Labour Shortage

In a competitive job market, relying solely on candidates with STEM backgrounds may not be sufficient. Career changers offer a broader talent pool to address the industry's labour shortage. With a Northcoder, you can also be confident that they’ve got the technical skills to back up their ambitions. 

5. Understanding Work Culture

Previous employment means career changers have experience with joining a new workplace and adapting to a company's work culture. This can facilitate the onboarding journey and allow them to start contributing faster. 

6. Transferable Skills

Career changers bring previous experience working in diverse teams and industries, offering valuable insights and collaboration skills. Career changes come from a wide range of backgrounds with lots of different transferable skills they can bring from every industry you can imagine!

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