Coding Bootcamps for Women: Empowering Diverse Software Engineers

Female pair programming at NorthcodersPreview: Female pair programming at Northcoders

At Northcoders, we are committed to supporting women who aspire to become software engineers. Our coding bootcamp is designed to create an inclusive and empowering environment where women can thrive in tech. Here’s how we help women get into coding and succeed:

1. Free In-Person Workshops

We offer free in-person workshops that provide hands-on experience with coding. These workshops are designed to give women a taste of what coding is like, helping them to build confidence and foundational skills before committing to a full bootcamp. Our workshops cover various programming languages and tools, including JavaScript, Python, and Java, ensuring participants get a broad exposure to coding.

2. JavaScript Basics: An Accessible Learning Course

Recognising that many existing learning platforms can be intimidating, particularly for women, we built our own introductory course, JavaScript Basics. This course is designed to be more accessible and user-friendly, providing bite-sized lessons, interactive coding exercises, and real-time feedback. This approach helps women to learn at their own pace and build confidence in their coding abilities.

3. Supportive Events and Expos

We actively support and participate in events that champion women in tech. These events provide networking opportunities, inspiring talks, and workshops that empower women to pursue careers in technology. By engaging with these events, we help women connect with industry leaders, potential mentors, and like-minded peers.

4. Flexible Payment Options

We understand that financial constraints can be a significant barrier for many women looking to enter the tech industry. To address this, we offer flexible payment options, including interest-free deferred payments. This allows our students to focus on their education without the added stress of upfront costs, making our coding bootcamp more accessible to everyone.

Why Choose Northcoders?

- Extensive Curriculum: Our coding bootcamp takes you from complete beginner to junior software or data engineer in just 13 weeks. The curriculum covers key areas such as pair programming and test-driven development, providing you with industry-ready skills.

- One-on-One Mentor Support: Every student receives personalised mentorship, ensuring that you have the guidance and support needed to succeed.

- Authentic Real-World Projects: Gain practical experience by working on real-world projects, which you can showcase in your portfolio.

- Career Support: We offer extensive career support, helping you prepare for job interviews, improve your resume, and connect with potential employers.

- Diverse Learning Environment: Our bootcamp fosters an inclusive and supportive community where women can thrive and feel empowered to pursue their tech careers. You can learn from Manchester and Leeds as well as fully remotely. 

At Northcoders, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for women in tech. Whether through free workshops, our accessible JavaScript Basics platform, supportive events, or flexible payment options, we are here to help you succeed. Join us and take the first step towards becoming a software engineer in an environment supportive and empowering for women.

For more information on our coding bootcamp, visit Northcoders. Start your journey today and become a part of the growing community of women coders.