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Introducing our Placement Team - Leah Stone

Leah StonePreview: Leah Stone

Meet Leah, one of Placement Consultants at Northcoders, she is responsible for helping businesses discover the best graduates for their roles as well as helping them to understand the benefits of coding bootcamp graduates.

Introduce yourself

I’m Leah, a Placement Consultant who covers mainly Manchester and London.

How long have you worked for Northcoders?

I’ve worked for Northcoders since November 2022. 

What does your job role entail? 

My job entails seeking partnerships with any companies that are yet to hire from us and account managing those who do, and making sure everyone knows how fab our Northcoders graduates are! This includes posting roles on our internal jobs board, helping students through the application process, running our virtual hiring pitches and in person networking events.

What did you do before your role at Northcoders?

I was completing my MsC whilst working part time as a Machine Learning Technician. 

Why do you enjoy working in tech?

I got a taste for working in tech during my time in Machine Learning and using GIS whilst at uni, I love how it’s ever-changing and there’s something new every day, and how passionate people are when it comes to improving diversity in the industry (even when there’s still a long way to go!)

How can you and the wider team at Northcoders help businesses find the right tech talent?

We can help businesses find the right talent through our pre screening and shortlisting process. Unlike recruitment agencies we’ve gotten to know our students personally throughout the 13 week process, which allows us to ensure we’re putting the right people up for each role!

What do you think the biggest challenge for hiring in tech is at the moment?

I think a big challenge for hiring in tech at the moment is the stigma around university degrees. There’s a big exclusion around those who don’t hold a degree during that first stage of screening meaning applicants don’t even get a chance to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. 

A fun fact about you

I have a phobia of Ketchup (ew!)

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