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JavaScript Learning: Why Learn JavaScript First?

JavaScript Learning: Why Learn JavaScript First?Preview: JavaScript Learning: Why Learn JavaScript First?

Are you thinking about learning to code but aren't sure which programming language to start with?

The first programming language you learn on your coding journey is crucial. It lays the foundation for your skills and the additional languages you'll master in the future.

Which languages are trending? What specific skills are employers looking for today? Which languages are easy for beginners to learn? Python, PHP, Java, HTML and CSS, or JavaScript?

There are many options and questions, but the most important question is this: which language will give you a solid understanding of programming principles applicable across all programming languages?

We believe JavaScript is a perfect language for beginners, and here are 7 reasons why...

1. Start immediately

JavaScript Learning: Why Learn JavaScript First?Preview: JavaScript Learning: Why Learn JavaScript First?

JavaScript is present on this page and every single web page you visit. It's everywhere, making it one of the most popular programming languages globally. It's also a language that runs in all web browsers.

With JavaScript, you can start coding right away without setting up complex environments or downloading editors and compilers. Get hands-on experience by solving puzzles, printing fun messages to the console, and learning the core building blocks of JavaScript programming.

2. An Endless Supply of Resources

JavaScript Learning: Why Learn JavaScript First?Preview: JavaScript Learning: Why Learn JavaScript First?

Learning JavaScript today couldn't be easier. There's a vast amount of online material openly available for anyone to start learning JavaScript.

Here are some excellent resources for your JavaScript learning journey:

  • Websites like freeCodeCamp, Codecademy, and Northcoders' "Learn 2 Code" platform offer interactive JavaScript crash courses. You can then use these skills to go onto coding bootcamps that teach the basics of JavaScript and more.
  • Code Sandbox Tools: JSBin and Codepen allow you to experiment with JavaScript code, share your work, and see what others are creating.
  • Books: Harriet’s list of recommended books covers everything from JavaScript for beginners to advanced topics.
  • Videos: Fun Fun Function and The Coding Train offer engaging YouTube tutorials to help you learn JavaScript step by step.
  • Podcasts: CodeNewbie and Syntax FM provide helpful tips for aspiring developers.

If you're ready to dive in and learn JavaScript in 2024, try an online JavaScript course like those from Coursera or Udemy. Applying to Northcoders' Coding Bootcamp gives you free access to the "Learn 2 Code" platform where you can start interactive coding challenges for free. These online courses offer real-world projects that help solidify your skills.

3. It's an All-Rounder

Languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, and C# only run on servers. JavaScript runs on servers too, but it's the only language that also runs in your browser, making it the only language with which you can build an entire full stack project.

Modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js make it possible to build comprehensive web applications with powerful features and dynamic user interfaces.

4. It's Fun!

The challenge is addictive. You may write functions that work straight away, but other times, an error stopping your code from running may not be so obvious. When you finally find that bug, the victory is well worth the effort!

JavaScript's ecosystem is evolving rapidly, giving you the flexibility to start small and build on top by adding libraries to enhance your projects.

5. It's Versatile

JavaScript Learning: Why Learn JavaScript First?Preview: JavaScript Learning: Why Learn JavaScript First?

Creating a basic web page is doable without JavaScript, but if you want interactive features like audio/video, games, scrolling abilities, or page animations, JavaScript is essential.

It seamlessly integrates with HTML and CSS, providing a comprehensive toolkit for developing user-friendly web development projects.

6. It Makes You Employable

JavaScript is one of the most coveted skills in the developer job market. Employers are hungry for JavaScript developer talent and people familiar with JavaScript-based technologies.

JavaScript is versatile, offering many career paths through specialisation in a framework or mastering pure JavaScript. As a junior or senior developer, most job roles will require JavaScript skills.

7. Modern JavaScript Ecosystem

Modern JavaScript has matured significantly with the rise of popular frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, and Vue.js. This evolution makes JavaScript an essential language for anyone interested in web development, providing tools that simplify and streamline the development process.

Why wait? Start learning JavaScript now and fast-track your potential career as a developer. Explore our resources, take advantage of the vast online community, and see where JavaScript learning can take you!