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4 Ways Our Mentors Enhance Your Coding Bootcamp Journey

Mentor at Northcoders bootcampPreview: Mentor at Northcoders bootcamp

At Northcoders, we recognise the pivotal role our mentors play in shaping a positive and transformative coding bootcamp experience. Thanks to an extensive curriculum made up of over 480 contact hours, we are proud of the distinctiveness our mentors bring to the table. Let's look at our alumni’s reflections and shed light on the invaluable contributions of our mentors.

Teaching Style and Support

Navigating the intricate world of coding is smoother with supportive and expert mentors. As Ash Ingham puts it, "The mentors were not only highly knowledgeable and experienced but also incredibly approachable and eager to help." For Samuel Tefera, having a "first port of call whenever I had issues or just needed some advice" provided the necessary support he needed throughout the bootcamp. 

Sarah Browncross recalls the importance of mentors in a dynamic learning environment to make sure students were learning everything they needed while not being overwhelmed: "They made the lectures fun and interesting, taking on board every piece of feedback I had and making changes on the fly so that I was able to learn better."

Daniel Clough highlights the accessibility of support: "The support we got from the mentoring team was fantastic. We had staff available throughout the day to help with any questions or technical difficulties."

Personal Support

Beyond academic guidance, mentors extend to personal support when needed, as noted by Mike Sealey: "There were a couple of times where I was on the brink of tears, and Alex found a fine balance between firm guidance and encouragement."

Daniel Clough observes the holistic mentorship approach: "They also acted as a form of pastoral support by offering end-of-day 'wind down' sessions and short classes on wellbeing topics such as avoiding burnout and imposter syndrome."

As well as our mentors, we also have our dedicated Welfare and Community team on hand to support learners throughout the bootcamp.

Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming challenges is part of the coding journey, and having guidance from mentors can make a huge difference. Mike Sealey reflects on a pivotal moment: "I remember we had a kind of impromptu meeting in our seminar group about Imposter Syndrome. All of the mentors discussed their own feelings of imposter syndrome, emphasising that it's a totally normal thing to feel."


Building a sense of community is at the core of mentorship, as shared by Akashdeep Singh Kaur: "Their dedication to our success was evident, and their continuous encouragement and feedback were instrumental in my growth as a software engineer."

Ezisberta Kachiungo appreciates the supportive role of mentors: "Mentors and tutors were true guardians for us students, always there to help us and very open to understanding our struggles and guiding us throughout the entire journey."

If you're contemplating a career change into tech and looking for mentorship within a caring community, you can explore our bootcamps here. For any questions, you can also reach out directly to our Onboarding team here