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Why Northcoders Graduates Don't Lack Experience

Group coding project at NorthcodersPreview: Group coding project at Northcoders

In the competitive landscape of tech talent acquisition, the notion of experience often looms large, particularly when considering junior developers. However, at Northcoders, we're here to dispel the myth that our graduates lack experience. In fact, our unique approach ensures that they are equipped with both technical prowess and real-world understanding, making them valuable assets to any tech team.

Hands-On Learning Beyond the Norm

Our coding bootcamp isn't your typical classroom setup. With over 480 contact hours packed into an immersive curriculum, our graduates undergo rigorous training that simulates real-world scenarios. From day one, they dive into practical exercises, collaborative projects, and problem-solving challenges that mirror the dynamic nature of software development roles.

Diverse Backgrounds, Rich Perspectives

Contrary to popular belief, lack of experience doesn't equate to lack of valuable skills. Many of our graduates come from diverse professional backgrounds, bringing with them a wealth of experiences and insights from various industries. Whether they were educators, marketers, or entrepreneurs, their diverse perspectives enrich their problem-solving approach and foster innovation in tech solutions. Discover some of our graduates stories here.

Transferable Skills in Abundance

While technical proficiency is crucial, it's not the sole indicator of success in the tech industry. Our graduates possess a myriad of transferable skills acquired through their previous work experiences. From effective communication and project management to adaptability and critical thinking, they bring a versatile skill set that complements their coding expertise.

Ready to Hit the Ground Running

At Northcoders, we don't just teach coding; we cultivate professionals who are ready to hit the ground running from day one. Our comprehensive curriculum covers not only the latest programming languages and frameworks but also industry best practices and collaborative methodologies like pair programming and test-driven development (TDD). This ensures that our graduates are well-prepared to seamlessly integrate into your tech team and contribute meaningfully from the get-go.

Unlock the Potential of Northcoders Graduates

In today's fast-paced tech landscape, finding the right talent is paramount to staying ahead of the curve. By hiring Northcoders graduates, you're not just gaining access to fresh coding skills; you're tapping into a pool of diverse, adaptable, and motivated individuals who are eager to make their mark in the tech industry.

Ready to Experience the Northcoders Difference?

Discover how you can bolster your tech team with top-tier talent from Northcoders. As part of our commitment to supporting businesses, we offer a hassle-free hiring process, allowing you to recruit our graduates at no cost. Don't let misconceptions about experience hold you back. Reveal the potential of Northcoders graduates and elevate your tech endeavours to new heights.