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Limp Typescript Demo Video

Limp Typescript Demo Video

"For film freakz, by film freakz"

BigFilmFreakz was conceived while brainstorming ways to improve the movie discovery and sharing experience. As lovers of film, we were deeply frustrated by the lack of a centralised platform to easily track films to watch, leave reviews, and connect with fellow film appreciators. We began by outlining our own ideal user journeys: searching for new movie to watch; adding titles seamlessly to a watchlist; recording what films we've seen; sharing reviews and ratings; and getting suggestions from friends. With this these ideas in mind we created Big FILM freakz. At its core, BigFilmFreakz is focused on community and discovery around a shared love of cinema. Upon signing up, users create a profile to start building their film identity. You can search for film and add them to your watchlist with a simple click of a button.

The Team

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We used: Python; Flask; Typescript; Angular

We wanted to challenge ourselves by learning new ways to code.

Challenges Faced