Team Boolean Bandits

Congregate Demo Video

Congregate Demo Video

Organize unforgettable events with ease

The app was initially founded with the idea that organising events within medium sized groups became a bit of a hassle. If only there was a place where you could post a social event and all your friends could notify you of their attendance with a simple click of a button. The app eventually evolved to hosting larger events, incorporating interests and other features such as an interactive map. We also allowed users to to host their own venues. Not only can you host events you can simply add your venue for others to host events.

The Team

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    Joe Man

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    Anthony Moran

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    Joe Adams

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    Kaiden Riley

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    Dmytro Pen


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We used: NextJS, Supabase, Tailwind, NextUI

NextJS was chosen as it is built upon react. This new technology is widely used in the industry and would be beneficial to learn.

Supabase was chosen over firebase as the code seemed easier and cleaner and also because the technology is becoming very popular.

Tailwind was used as we enjoyed the simplicity that it comes with, having your styles within your HTML and reducing a large number of files which vanilla CSS requires.

NextUI was used to allow cleaner UI for minimal effort. It also allows us to be consistent through-out our app.

Challenges Faced

Merge conflicts became an issue towards the tailend of the project. Organisation and collaboration was very important.

Planning was more important than we anticipated as we realised we planned a lot of features which we did not have time to implement and we also had to change our plans when we actually implemented a page and its planned features.