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Deal Chasers Demo Video

Deal Chasers Demo Video

A community driven deals app

Deal chasers is community-powered deals, discounts and offers app that runs on both Android and iOS.

At its heart is community driven deals, acting as a central hub where community members can share, discover and exchange amazing deals in their local area. From neighbourhood gems to hidden treasures, our app connects you with the best savings right at your fingertips.

The Team

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    Amed El Mouahidi

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    Henry Alderslade

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    Tami Kazehare

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    Taylor Brooks

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    Basil Kelly


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We used: Supabase, Postgres, React Native, Expo, Android Studio, Xcode

We opted for Supabase due to its integration of a fully hosted PostgreSQL database, facilitating rapid backend deployment. To populate our databases, Snaplet was initially employed for test data, while our final demo data was crafted using Faker, Snaplet, and an API named DummyJSON. Additionally, Supabase furnished us with row-level security, storage capabilities, and authentication, complemented by built-in API endpoints readily integrable with our frontend.

For the frontend, React Native emerged as the preferred framework, blending the strengths of native development with React's UI building capabilities. Expo was instrumental for its simplicity and native APIs for iOS and Android, enabling seamless incorporation of native features such as file system integration, location services, and push notifications.

To ensure broad compatibility, we utilized Android Studio and Xcode to simulate a diverse range of mobile devices during testing, facilitating real-time assessment of our application's performance.

Challenges Faced

Learning a new stack presented an initial challenge for us.
Collaboration on GitHub required effective communication and version control.
Utilizing Supabase's storage features introduced some complexities during implementation.
Adapting styling for Android and iOS posed challenges due to platform differences.
Effective time management was crucial to meet project milestones and deadlines.
Prioritising features meant we couldn't build everything we wanted to in the time provided.