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Team 300  Demo Video

Team 300 Demo Video

Making finding great swim spots easier

Our app is designed for people who enjoy wild swimming and it's purpose is to help users discover beautiful swimming spots across the country. Users can view an interactive map showcasing hundreds of wild swimming spots in the UK, including beaches, lakes, rivers and even secluded waterfalls.

Users can rate spots and leave reviews in order to assist fellow swimmers make informed decisions. They can also add new, undiscovered spots to share with the community.

The Team

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    Millie Ellis

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    Rachel Kwok

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    Meron Gebrehiwet

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    Nick Fenton

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    Saad Qureshi

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    Vee Webber


Technologies section imagePreview: Technologies section image

We used: MongoDB, Javascript, CSS, Firebase, React Native, ExpoGo, noSQL.

Our app is built on a robust and efficient technology stack, carefully chosen to ensure a seamless and scalable user experience.

  1. MongoDB for Back End Database:
    We chose MongoDB for its flexibility and scalability. As a NoSQL database, it allows us to handle diverse data types and rapidly changing data structures, which is crucial for managing the dynamic and varied information about swimming locations and user reviews.
    MongoDB's powerful querying capabilities enable us to efficiently retrieve and manipulate data, ensuring quick responses and a smooth user experience. Auto Generates Unique ID, we can nest data, can store images rather than urls
  2. Firebase for User Authentication:
    Firebase provides a secure and hassle-free authentication solution. Its integration in our app streamlines the process of signing up, logging in, and managing user accounts.
    With Firebase, we ensure robust security measures for user data, along with the ease of integrating additional features like password recovery and third-party logins in the future.
  3. React Native and Expo Go for Front End Development:
    React Native allows us to build a mobile app using JavaScript, offering a single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms.
    Expo Go further enhances development efficiency with its range of pre-built tools and services.
    This combination not only accelerates the development process but also ensures a consistent and high-quality user experience across different devices and platforms.

Challenges Faced

Speed of the android emulator using ExpoGo was an issue - this caused lots of crashes which led to a slower pace of creating the app.
Debugging was harder in React Native than in React - in future we would use special debugger software to help with this.