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Hip Hip Array Demo Video

Elevate Your Expertise, Connect with Passionate Professionals – Your Gateway to Skillful Solutions!

To choose which project we were going to build as a team, every team member pitched an idea and we voted for our favourite. This app is built to connect skilled individuals with others who are looking to benefit from and learn from these skills. Users can post an article depending on whether they are looking to acquire a skill or if they have a skill that they would like to sell as a service. Users can update their profiles depending on their skills and interests and instant message another user if they would like to agree on a price, a skill or a service.

The Team

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    Attilio Marotta

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    Kevin Chan

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    James Bartrum

  • Team member imagePreview: Team member image

    Matt Patterson

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    Tom Mirfin


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We used: Vue.js, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Axios, Python, FastAPI, MongoDB

We chose new technologies and languages for the project to seek a fresh challenge, enhance problem-solving skills, encourage team collaboration, and diversify our skill set.

Challenges Faced

One of the significant challenges we encountered on this project was the steep learning curve associated with adopting new technologies and languages within a tight timeframe of 2-3 weeks. Navigating through the complexities of unfamiliar tech stacks and ensuring seamless integration proved to be a demanding yet rewarding aspect of the development process. Despite the challenges, the experience enhanced our adaptability and problem-solving skills, ultimately contributing to the successful implementation of the project.


  • 1. What is Knowledge Nest?

    Knowledge Nest is an app connecting users with skilled tutors and service providers for personalised learning and services.

  • 2. How does it work?

    Browse skills, connect with providers, and arrange sessions. Post a request, and interested professionals will contact you.