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LeedsYouAround Demo Video

LeedsYouAround Demo Video

Landmark based scavenger hunt

LeedsYouAround is a landmark based scavenger hunt set in the Leeds area. It requires the player to reach the sights using the integrated map and snap a picture which will validate and tick them off. With part of the team being new to Leeds we wanted a fun way to get to know the city so came up with the idea of this app.

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The Team

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    Michael Stenton

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    Greg Munden

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    Dan Marongiu

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    Phil Barlow


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We used: NodeJs, Expo, ReactNative, Axios, Firebase, Firestore, GoogleVision, Jira

For our tech stack we decided to use Expo, which builds on ReactNative, in order to make the app available to both Android and iOS mobile devices.
The backbone of our project has been Google Cloud, specifically Firebase Authentication to manage our users' login and registration, Firestore to manage all our backend data in a non-relational database, and GoogleVision API to analise and validate the player's pictures.
Early on in the project we used ViroReact to try to integrate some AR functionality, specifically to guide the player from the camera screen using floating arrows and pins.
To keep on top of our workflow we used Jira's kanban board to plan, assign, split, group, and track each task as individual tickets.

Challenges Faced

We had planned to implement an augmented reality (AR) feature into the app using ViroReact although eventually we decided to remove this idea for a couple of reasons. Firstly, due to its vast capability and limited up to date documentation, it became apparent that we wouldn’t be able to deliver a viable product within the project timeframe. The second was that on spiking the technology, we realised that this would only run on ReactNative alone and was not compatible with Expo which we had already constructed a number of components in.

At the start of the project we set restrictions on our GitHub repository in order to control what could be pushed to the main branch. However, towards the final stages, merge conflicts become more of an issue as multiple members ended up needing to work on the same components of the app individually. But being in constant communication meant that when the new code wasn’t integrating the way we thought it would, we were able to help each other to get new features working correctly.


  • How we would expand the app in the future?

    On the roadmap for the app, we would like to expand the levels to include different categories, for example buildings, statues, nature and possibly hospitality establishments.

    There is also scope to expand the app to incorporate different towns and cities and possibly have users create their own hunts for others to conquer.