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Lockout Labyrinth Demo Video

Lockout Labyrinth Demo Video

Puzzle your way to productivity

Lockout Labyrinth is an anti-procrastination website blocker that requires users to complete a task before they can get back to browsing because it is all too easy to click ‘ignore’ on site-blocking apps.

This is where Lockout Labyrinth comes in, before you can get back to procrastinating you must first complete a challenge, either a maths puzzle, a quiz or maze allowing time to think..... "do I really need to unblock this site?"

Lockout Labyrinth provides various puzzle options along with user selected difficulty levels, ranging from short and simple to nearly impossible.

Users can add their own sites to be blocked, or choose from our handy suggestions lists within popular categories such as Socials and Gaming.

The Team

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    Ronnie Williams

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    Vicky Hill

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    Chris Gladney

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    Beck Unsworth

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    Sam Holmes


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We used: Mongo, Mongoose, Express, React, Electron, Vite, Typescript, Javascript

Back end:- We chose to use Mongo DB as our requirements were simple and using a document based DB system was suitable for this, this also allowed us to learn a new technology in the process.

Front end: We chose electron as we wanted to make a desktop app and this allowed us to also integrate react which we had prior experience, we were able to realise the benefits from both technologies again whilst learning a new technology. We also chose to use Typescript to build on our existing learning of languages.

Challenges Faced

During in the initial planning stages it became apparent that our initial idea was not going to be possible due to limitations in the access we would require to a users system and as such the idea was adapted from a mobile app to a desktop app.

We faced several challenges along the way, particularly with different technologies not working together always as initially expected. As a team we worked together and took on these challenges together often coming up with unique solutions.


  • Is there anything you would add if you had more time?

    Increase in the number of options available in respect of the puzzle component, timed lockout option which would allow sites to be unblocked without completing the puzzles, redirect to a landing page instead of an unreachable page for blocked sites advising the user to visit the app to unblock the sites.