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Resource Rivals Demo Video

Resource Rivals Demo Video

Out-trade your opponents!

It's a 2-player, full-stack browser experience that offers a straightforward and enjoyable gaming session. We've used web sockets and simulated rooms to create a multiplayer environment that's simple and immersive.

Drawing inspiration from the classic card game Jaipur, Resource Rivals puts you in the shoes of a merchant, dealing with resource gathering and market selling.

It's a strategic battle against your rival, as you aim to maximize the value of your sales. Resource Rivals provides a fun and free online card game experience, perfect for challenging your friends and family!

The Team

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    Joe Whitworth

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    Fabio Lacerda

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    Isaac Sturtridge

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    Dylan Kataria

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    Abdul Rehman Latif


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We used: HTML, CSS, React, React-Spring, Vite.js, Socket.IO, ExpressJS, NodeJS, Jest, Javascript

We used these technologies, specifically SocketIO, for smooth communication between the server and client(s). The web sockets allowed us to create real multiplayer functionality. We used CSS and react-spring for styling as it could be worked seamlessly into our code without completely restructuring our files, it also provided the animations and styling we required for effective user feedback.

Challenges Faced

Learning how to set up socketIO with listeners and emitters, especially working out what information needed to be sent across in the sockets. Initially we planned to use PhaserJS on front end for our animations; however, it was obvious this was going to be a trouble to implement without restructuring all of our front-end code. We decided to use React-spring instead as the implementation and available animations were more than enough to support our project.