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SkillFlash Demo Video

SkillFlash Demo Video

Master Tech interviews with AI-powered precision: your ultimate flashcard companion

SkillFlash is an AI-powered flashcard app designed to streamline your study sessions for technical interviews. Our app uses advanced artificial intelligence to ensure you're fully prepared for any tech interview question.

We created TechInterviewFlash to explore AI in a practical project and address the common stress of interview preparation. As tech enthusiasts, we aimed to develop a tool that makes studying smarter and more efficient.

User Experience
1. Account Creation:
* Users can create a personalised account to track progress, save flashcards, and access study materials from a mobile device.

2. Creating Flashcard Decks:
* Users can create custom decks on various topics that match job skill requirements, including coding languages, algorithms, system design, and behavioural questions.

3. Revising and Rating Answers:
* During revision sessions, users answer flashcards and rate their responses. The app optimises future sessions based on this feedback, helping users focus on areas that need improvement.

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The Team

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    Koorosh Roodbaraky

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    Ana Gomes

  • Team member imagePreview: Team member image

    Wanwan (Wendy) Shi

  • Team member imagePreview: Team member image

    Huajie He


Logos of React, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, TypeScriptPreview: Logos of React, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, TypeScript

We used: Node.js , React-Native, MongoDB,Typescript, Express

Technology Exploration:
Embracing React Native and TypeScript for mobile development, alongside MongoDB for data management, allowed us to explore novel technologies expanding our team's skill set and preparedness for the challenging tech job market.

TypeScript enabled streamlined code maintenance, scalability, and testing. Its static typing and robust tooling ensured resilient development, improving efficiency and confidence in the codebase.

React Native transformed our flashcard app, serving both iOS and Android seamlessly. This unified approach allowed us to cater to a broader audience and enables future portability to web-based implementation.

Challenges Faced

Time Constraints:
The project was constrained by time, limiting the depth of feature development. Given more time, we could have expanded features and refined functionalities to offer a more comprehensive user experience.

Learning New Technologies on the Go:
Embracing new technologies like React Native, TypeScript, and MongoDB posed a significant learning curve during development. Despite the challenges, we navigated through these unfamiliar territories, leveraging online resources and collaborative efforts to integrate these technologies effectively into the project.

Outdated Documentation:
Outdated or incomplete documentation for certain technologies added an additional layer of complexity, making the learning process more challenging.