TicketDash Demo Video

TicketDash Demo Video

More Cinema For Less

Inspired by live auctioning apps such as Seatfrog, which are based on the idea of being able to sell otherwise unsold seats for less and encouraging people back to the cinema.

TicketDash is a mobile app providing live auctioning for cinema tickets, available on both iOS and Android. It is a platform where businesses can list events and seats for auction, while users can bid on last-minute tickets for those seats in real time, on the go.

The Team

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    Sarah Harvey

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    Oskars Otdeļnijs

  • Team member imagePreview: Team member image

    Laurie Hillier

  • Team member imagePreview: Team member image

    Tiah Hind

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    Ben Sutherland


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We used: React Native, expo,, PostgreSQL

We chose React Native as we’d all previously worked with React and felt it would allow is to transition into mobile development more easily. Expo was chosen as it allows easier cross-platform development and has a lot of good documentation. Socket.IO was chosen as it is a fast and lightweight library for real time communication.

We chose PostgreSQL for the backend because after learning it on the course we we felt comfortable using it to structure our data, especially alongside the learning curve of the other new technologies we were using.

Challenges Faced

Push notifications were a challenge to implement, especially across
different devices
Getting used to all working on GitHub and dealing with merge conflicts