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ToolShare Demo Video

ToolShare Demo Video

Tools for Earth's Care

ToolShare is the ultimate community tool-sharing app. With ToolShare, users have the power to share their spare tools for rent and borrow tools from fellow community members, making DIY projects just that bit easier.

We came up with the idea because of the recent rise in sharing platforms due to increasing environmental concerns about overconsumption. We feel that borrowing instead of buying is a great step individuals can take to reduce their personal environmental impact.

Within the app, users can browse tools that have been uploaded by other users of the platform, utilising our search functionality to find specific tools they need and our map feature to get a visual representation of tools that are nearby. Users can save tools that they are interested in to a shortlist and when they are in need of a particular tool, contact the lender from inside the app using our real-time, instantaneous messaging functionality. Users can also upload their own listings, and delete these when they no longer want to make them available for sharing.

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The Team

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    Olivia Dawson

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    Cristina Hart

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    Viktoria Sudraba

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    Viktor Khasenko

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    Sam Harradine


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We used: TypeScript, Postgres with Sequelize ORM and REST API, React Native with map functionality using react-native-maps and expo-location, Render, Cloudflare

We decided on these technologies because they are widely recognised within the industry and after research and spiking, concluded that they would best enable us to build the application we set out to achieve. We opted to build the app in TypeScript to challenge ourselves with learning a new programming language, as well as its renowned benefits of reducing runtime errors and improving code maintainability. The app is hosted on Render for optimal performance and safeguarded by Cloudflare to ensure security.

Challenges Faced

Steep learning curve with the language and technologies we opted for. Limited time frame to develop an ambitious application with many sections and features.