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Wellify Demo Video

Wellify Demo Video

Wellify your work style

Wellify is the health app you were looking for! It tracks your posture and emotions during a day to help you maintain a healthy working position and monitor your emotions throughout the day. It provides useful notifications to inform you if you are sitting too close to your screen, and it will also notify you if you are slouching. There is also a statistics page where users can track their posture over time, and see how their emotions correspond with the use of different applications.

The Team

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    Alex Diamond

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    Callum Davidson

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    Nicola Grzebyk

  • Ginny Truong

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    Chris Li


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We used: React, TypeScript, Chart.JS, MorphCast, MediaPipe, Electron, Vite, ESLint, Node.JS, MySQL, Google Cloud

We used React due to its popularity and our teams familiarity with the technology. TypeScript allowed us to catch errors early on in development, which was important due to the complexity of the project. Chart.JS allowed us to generate aesthetically pleasing graphs, MorphCast and MediaPipe were used for emotion tracking and posture detection respectively, Electron allowed us to build a desktop app with native web features, MySQL was used to store login details and user data, and is a popular option. The MySQL database was hosted on Google Cloud as it was easy to setup and included free credit.

Challenges Faced

We faced some challenges with integrating MediaPipe, due to the availability of both old and new versions, with the new version being in an early release state.