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Why I hire juniors from Northcoders

Doug Winter, Isotoma, head shotPreview: Doug Winter, Isotoma, head shot

What’s your name?

Doug Winter 

What business do you work for?


What’s your role there?

Chief Technology Officer

How did you hear about Northcoders?

I think I saw a presentation in Manchester, but it was a very long time ago.

Why did you opt for hiring a Northcoders graduate?

We wanted to recruit juniors who had hands-on experience using the technologies that we use, and we wanted to attract a more diverse set of candidates.

How many people have you hired from Northcoders?

We’ve hired 11 Northcoders over the years!

Which role did you hire for?

Junior Developer 

Do you think that Northcoders prepared the graduate well for a role in tech? Why?

Yes, they come equipped with the basic skills needed to operate as developers, with a decent understanding of how software works as a discipline.

How did you find onboarding the Northcoders graduate?

We have a comprehensive training programme for our juniors that prepares them to join projects, and we find the Northcoders training prepares them well for this.

Any other feedback about hiring a Northcoders graduate?

We've found Northcoders to be self motivated and genuinely eager to pursue a career in this industry. The wide range of backgrounds from which Northcoders graduates come means we have recruited people with lots of previous experience which has made them much more capable overall as developers.

Software development relies as heavily on communication and teamworking abilities as it does on technology skills, and many Northcoders are very strong in these areas because of their backgrounds.

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