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Explore what our graduates have achieved.

<Recent Final Projects />

Final projects demonstrate how far you can come in a matter of months. Our graduates prove by constructing functional and dynamic applications in just 2 weeks. Here are some examples of recent projects.

<Flashcube />

Sean, Dan, Romy and Nathan

Graduated May 2018

This team created a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality digital flashcard experience for immersive learning. They're the first ever team to learn C# and Unity for their project! Alongside those technologies, they built on vRoom's success 2 weeks later using A-Frame, with Vuforia and loads more besides - in 2 weeks.

<vRoom />

Liz, Kris, Kristiyan, Tim, Leo

Graduated May 2018

Simply say what you want to see, and prepare to be immersed! Team vRoom were the first ever project team to try their hand at Virtual Reality. Their project is a voice-controlled VR mood board. After trialling many different VR tooling options, they settled on A-Frame, supported with AWS, Lex and React.

<Read A Room />

Luke, Samantha, Joe and Chris

Graduated April 2018

When you're public speaking, it can be hard to know how your audience is feeling. So this team used a camera attached to a Raspberry Pi to gather visual data about students' faces. They then analyse the images to give the speaker an idea of whether people are enjoying and understanding their talk. They built this with Java, AWS, Firebase and React/Redux.

<Show Me A Story />

Clare, Brian, Ant and Jack

Graduated April 2018

Problem: Parents and teachers often tell their children stories, yet children often learn and absorb information better with visualisation. So this team used Alexa's voice recognition technology to recognise the voice of the adult and generate images and storylines for the children. Built using AWS, Serverless, Lex, Polly, Firestore, Web Audio API, Google CSE and React.

<Lightning Talks />

We encourage Northcoders to share knowledge on subjects that interest them!

<Deep Fakes />

Sean explores the problems of Deep Fakes


<Esoteric Languages: Piet />

From the mainstream to the almost entirely useless: Anat shows us the Piet programming language


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