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Learning to code opens up a universe of possibilities.

Every coder starts somewhere.

Our Introduction to Programming course runs monthly.

The next course starts on the 21st of November with four, three hour sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

<Get Introduced to JavaScript />

Our Introduction to Programming course is our beyond-the-basics JavaScript course for absolute beginners. It's a great way to get a taste of Northcoders life and get you well on your way to the entry standard required for our bootcamps.

The course is run over 4 consecutive Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

It costs £99 per person including pizza & drinks.

<The next Northcoders Introduction to Programming course starts November the 21st />

Our Introduction to Programming course runs from 6pm until 9pm at Federation House in the heart of Manchester.

Tuesday November 21st:  All the basics

Set up to learn to code. The developer tools, JavaScript strings, variables, numbers and simple functions

Thursday November 23rd:  Level up

Introducing JavaScript objects, arrays and data retrieval

Tuesday November 28th:  Data Loops

JavaScript loops and how to use them

Thursday November 30th:  Get advanced

More advanced JavaScript functions. arguments and parameters and passing data around your applications.

Book now to avoid disappointment as our past Introduction to Programming courses sold out days before the event!

<Can't make it between the 21st and 30th of November? />

<Introduction to Programming Course Students />

"Their training was great, I couldn’t have asked for more. If someone didn’t understand anything properly, James or Chris would re-explain it another way so that they would understand. I wouldn’t change anything, they explained everything in pure detail. The course was perfect!"
Matthew Rathbone
"I'm sad that the course has ended. It's been incredibly rewarding and exciting! A huge thanks to Northcoders and the hard working tutors!"
Matt Jones
"It was a fun experience, which made me much more confident in my skills as a developer. I gained a much better understanding of the basics of JavaScript than during my time at university, which I believe will be more useful for my career. They are skills I will carry along with me.”
Alex Curtis