<Become a Software
Developer />

24 week coding bootcamp.

20 Hours Per Week - Part-Time.

Flexible to fit your life schedule.

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<Northcoders Part-Time Bootcamp />

Our Part-Time Bootcamp is adapted from our highly successful Full-Time Bootcamp. It is our most flexible way of giving you all the skills you need to excel as a Junior Developer and find work fast. You will be provided with recorded lectures to guide you through weekly projects, that you'll primarily complete during on-site drop-in sessions.

Career Development Support

> We'll arrange interviews for you with employers in our large Hiring Partner Network

> One-to-one mentoring from Northcoders who have been there and done it, and now work as software developers in incredibly diverse software companies across Manchester.

> CV support to help you get noticed

> Interview preparation, interview practice sessions, and support for all stages of the hiring process

> One-to-one tailored support after you've graduated to ensure you find the right developer role for you.

Our support doesn’t stop when you graduate. We do everything we can to ensure you find work within weeks after graduating. That’s the thing about becoming a Northcoder. From the moment you join us, we’ve got your back. You never stop being a Northcoder.

<Drop-In Sessions />

You'll need to come to at least 6 hours of drop-ins each week. For example, you could attend Monday and Wednesday evening. Or you could attend only on Saturday. Of course, you are more than welcome (and we encourage you) to attend further sessions!

<Monday />

10am - 2pm
6pm - 9pm

<Tuesday />

10am - 2pm
6pm - 9pm

<Wednesday />

10am - 2pm
6pm - 9pm

<Saturday />

10am - 4pm

<How It Works />

20 Hours per Week

Make your time work for you. Structure your week however it suits you best. Our team will be on hand to answer your questions remotely throughout the week, including weekends.

6 Hours on Campus

Every week, you'll visit us during our drop-in hours for at least 6 hours per week. Time to pair up with a fellow Northcoder and work on your weekly project together with the support of our teaching team. It's also an opportunity to meet with your mentor, a Northcoders graduate now in a software development role.

2 Hours of Lectures

We'll release around 2 lectures for the week on Monday morning to introduce some new techniques or even an entirely new library, and you'll be able to follow along whenever it's convenient to you.

One Project Per Week

Each week, we'll set one core project to help you learn and bed down the concepts we teach each week, building on top of the concepts you've learned in previous weeks.

<The Program />

Core Javascript: Weeks 1 - 7

First things first. We’ll give you a solid fundamental understanding of the JavaScript language, so you’ll be able to quickly pick up any new library or framework.

In particular we'll explore two fundamental paradigms in programming - functional & object-oriented programming. Great foundations to build on.

Node: Weeks 8 - 10

Javascript is the only language that can be run both on the front and back end. Next, we show you how we can use Node.js to run code for the back end, and focus on ways of dealing with asynchronous programming.

We'll show you how to power some brilliant, useful apps that we think you'll carry on using long after you graduate.

Back-End: Weeks 11 - 16

Next, we'll look at APIs and databases. In this six week block we’ll cover Express, MongoDB and maybe SQL. We’ll also work with some pretty cool third-party data sets and APIs.

At this stage, you'll deploy your applications to the cloud and be introduced to concepts like staging and production environments, and best practices such as continuous integration. It’s all getting real, isn’t it?

Front-End: Weeks 17 - 24

It's front end next - specifically React and its ecosystem. This includes React, React-Router and Webpack. We also teach you SASS and front-end tooling.

React is now firmly established in the ‘adopt’ section of Thoughtworks' Tech Radar. It's the framework of choice for one of the most highly respected agencies in the world. That’s useful to know, isn’t it?